Find out what's happened to the stars of Gladiators since they last took on that Travelator


Here’s a question: When you were growing up watching the Gladiators every Saturday and wishing you were one of them, and then pretending the stairs at home was the Travelator, did you – even for one second – consider that those were real human beings whose names weren’t really ‘Jet‘ and ‘Panther‘?

Us neither.

But THEY ARE! They have real names! And real lives!

Wolf is some guy called Michael, who is now 62 (WTF?) and lives in New Zealand where he runs a gym called (wait for it) ‘Wolf’s Gym’.

Jet (real name Diane??!?!!) is now 44 and lives in Surrey, working as a psychotherapist. She’s actually appeared on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side a few times in the last year analysing housemates. She also – the ‘personal life’ section of her Wikipedia page tells us – enjoys ‘long walks, exercising and is a keen surfer.’ Who knew?

And that guy who would shout over everything and get us all overexcited just before tea, is an actual man called John Sachs, who is now 57 and a radio DJ, and also – amazing fact – the stepson of Fawlty Towers’ Andrew Sachs.

The referee who would shriek, ‘Ye will gooo on my farst whistle, and ye will gooo on ma sicand whistle’ is actually a normal human male called John Anderson (so many Johns, surely got confusing?), who used to be a teacher and continues to coach local athletes in Scotland.

All amazing stuff, right? Gladiators took over our lives every weekend in the 90s so if you have brothers and sisters, you should probably call them right now and sing the theme tune down the phone and then go buy a foam finger and point it at people aggressively while shouting, ‘ARE YOU READY?’

Go on, we’ll wait.

You’re hooked, we can tell. So click through our gallery above to find out what we’ve learned about the rest of the Gladiator gang and to have a little nostalgic shriek at the pictures of Ulrika Jonsson and John Fashanu (another John) looking about 13.

That seriously gave us goosebumps.


We got way too into this story.

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