The Emmerdale star's doing pretty well!

Every year on I’m A Celebrity, there’s a famous face who surprises us all with their bravery and resilience in situations that we could never imagine ourselves in.

And after Sunday’s edition of the show, it certainly seems as if this year’s breakout star is Adam Thomas – and all it took to seal the deal was to place a LIVE water spider in his mouth…


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Now more than two weeks into the series, plenty of the celebs are used to coexisting in the jungle wilderness with a vast array of creepy crawlies. Emmerdale star Adam, however, has been proving to find ‘the bugs life’ pretty difficult, memorably having a massive freakout at being stuck in a room with them earlier in the series.

It’s safe to say that spiders aren’t his favourite creature. So when he and Martin Roberts were selected to go head to head in a Bushtucker Trial that challenged them to hold either a live water spider or a giant cockroach in his mouth, everyone thought they knew what he’d opt out of doing.

‘Mate, it would definitely get rid of your fears!’ joked Martin.

And then, to everyone’s surprise, Adam decided to face his arachnophobia mouth on…and chose the eight-legged creature!

Adam Thomas and a live water spider

Adam Thomas and a live water spider

Stunningly, he managed to do it! And we weren’t the only ones impressed with his efforts…

And if that weren’t enough to convince viewers, the 28-year-old twin brother of Love Island’s Scott Thomas then won the hearts of all female viewers with a very emotional phone call with fiancée Caroline Daly.

‘I love you so, so much, darling,’ he said, wiping tears from his cheeks. ‘I’m never leaving you again.’

And it managed to make a whole heap of viewers very teary themselves, with one viewer taking to Twitter to declare that she needs ‘someone to love me as much as Adam Thomas loves his fiancée’:

Watch the lovely moment below – and let us know who you’re backing @CelebsNow!