Comedian thinks his weight is frightening


Alan Carr is having trouble shedding his excess fat.

The comedian likes to keep healthy, but he’s carrying a little extra weight.

‘My personal trainer says I’m almost morbidly obese,’ he explains. ‘I try to keep fit, but I’m one of those people who has just plateaued all their life.

‘I measured my BMI and I’ve gone past “very overweight” and I’m on the cusp of “obese”.

‘Personally, I don’t think I look that overweight, and I exercise loads, so it’s quite frightening.’

Alan, 32, also has problems getting clothes to suit his physique.

‘There aren’t many designer labels that fit my man-boobs,’ he tells Live.

‘And once I’ve got something that fits around my bosom area, it always seems to be too big in other places. I end up with sleeves down to my knees.’

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