Former personal assistant says he took Blake’s place in the singer’s bed

Amy Winehouse’s ex-PA Alex Haines claims he became the diva’s lover after husband Blake Fielder Civil was sent to jail.

‘She was addicted to sex like she was to drugs. It was my job to look after her. But it was impossible,’ says 23-year-old Alex, who says Amy first seduced him in March.

‘I thought she wouldn’t survive the year with all the drugs and self-harming. Cutting herself was her favourite pastime.’

Despite their passionate relationship, Alex – who was dumped in May – says Amy couldn’t get Blake off her mind.

‘She would go on about him and her being together forever straight after we made love. I sat there in disbelief,’ he recalls. ‘We had a few bust-ups over it.’

Following a stint in rehab and a holiday on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, Amy, 25, is looking much fitter

But Alex believes she also has a chronic eating disorder.

Amy suffered from bulimia,’ he tells The News Of The World. ‘That’s why she looked so thin.’