The TV host's love life doesn't go smoothly


He’s been Sadie Frost’s toyboy but Alex Zane, 29, insists that he’s a bit rubbish with the ladies.

‘I’m your classic awkward “says the wrong thing” kind of guy,’ Alex, 29, insists. ‘People around me will be gazing on open-mouthed at my absolute inability to register girls’ interest.’

His worst date ever, he reckons, was with a stripper – who was petrified of birds.

‘I once went with some friends to a lap-dancing bar and had a dance from a girl,’ he recalls. ‘Anyway, we got talking and I really liked her.

‘And then I thought: “She thinks I’m some kind of sleazy, awful person who goes to lap-dancing bars – I have to prove the opposite.”

‘So I took her to London Zoo, where we could just chat and walk around.’

But that’s where it all went wrong… as soon as they got to the aviary.

‘She just freaked,’ he says. ‘I’d walked her into her own personal nightmare.’