We caught up with Amber before she went into the villa – she had a lot to say

Hey Amber! What are you 
after in the villa – do you 
want a relationship?

Yeah, I do. Why else would you go on Love Island? I’m so ready for it to happen. I’ve been single for a year and six months of that was travelling. The thought of having a boyfriend now makes me feel so excited. The couples last year all did 
so well, too.

Do you know any of the guys from last year’s show?

I didn’t know anyone personally, but me and Cara [De La Hoyde] have crossed paths because I work at 
Cirque Le Soir too. 
I worked behind the bar and 
she was a dancer. This was in my first week on the job and she was getting flown out 
to Love Island.

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What kind of guys do you 
usually go for?

On paper, I’d go for a 
mixed-race guy.

Amber’s coupled up with Kem in the villa

What about personality?

If you can make me cry with laughter, then I’ll take that 
any day over looks. I like 
good manners too. I need 
someone a bit older, who’s 
got a bit more about them. 
I don’t want to get in a relationship with someone, then we come out of the 
villa and he’s like a puppy 
when he realises that 
hundred of thousands 
of girls have followed him 
on Instagram.

You’re a dancer. Will people have seen you anywhere else in the past?

I’ve done ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance since I was young. I’ve been in a few music videos, and I was also a commercial dancer on Children In Need. My background is in musical 
theatre. I was offered a contract to star in the UK tour of Hairspray just before I got the chance to go on Love Island. 
I turned it down because 
Love Island is once-in-a-lifetime. The industry is 
always going to be there.

Did you parents mind you turning down the tour to 
go on Love Island?

They love it. My sister was 
like: ‘It’s not even 
a question – you need 
to do Love Island.’ 
She thinks I’m 
perfect for it and 
my mum and dad 
are so supportive. 
I had the cutest text from my dad, saying: ‘You know if you’re going to do this, 
you’ve got to do it right.’

What body prep did you do before the show?

I cut down on alcohol loads, so no going out for dinner and having Prosecco. My diet 
hasn’t really changed too much – I’m obsessed with food, so 
I find dieting really, really hard. It’s all going to go to pot in the villa, though, because we’re all going to be drinking!

Amber got jiggy on telly in the end!

Can you handle your booze?

I’m a lightweight! I can smell wine and I get tipsy. And I don’t know when to stop.

You’ve mentioned that you still have chemistry with 
one of your ex-boyfriends…

The ex I’m talking about is 
my first ever ex from years 
and years ago. He’s been in 
my life since 
I was 12 years 
old or even younger, and 
I lost my virginity to him. He’s from back home in Wales – my town’s tiny. 
I didn’t mean chemistry 
as in sexual, I just meant 
I would do anything for 
him. I’d go to the ends of the Earth for him.

Do you have any famous exes that could pop up while you’re on the show?

No famous exes, but I’ve had a few encounters…

What kind of famous are they?

Reality stars and one musician.

So it’s been more 

than just one celebrity?

Oh my God, yeah.

Has it been more 
than two?

Yeah, there’ve been 
a handful. But obviously 
I worked in Cirque Le 
Soir, where celebrities basically live!

Sometimes all you need is a spa day with your fabulous mum 🥂💕

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So how many have 
you pulled?

Between going on dates, texting, sleeping with 
and kissing, I’d say, like, seven or eight different celebrities.

Do you think any of them would say anything?

I don’t think so 
– they’d have to be really sad to be like: ‘I slept with that girl from Love Island!’ Their lives are busy and I reckon they 
kiss so many girls and sleep with so many girls that they probably don’t even care. 
The only ones I’m worried about are the guys I’ve been 
on dates with.

Why is that – did they 
end badly?

No, there’s just one I was speaking to who said: ‘I hate reality TV stars.’ I didn’t want to say that I’d auditioned for Love Island!

The reality TV guys that 
you’ve had encounters 
with – are they from TOWIE, Made In Chelsea or 
Geordie Shore?

Yeah, you just named them all.

Would you consider going onto TOWIE after Love Island?

I don’t feel like I can – I’m not from Essex.

Time to spend a sunny Sunday filled with coffee and looooove ☕️

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You’re from Wales 
– were you ever approached to do The Valleys?

No, because I’m north Wales and 
The Valleys was 
set in the south. 
I was only 13 
when that was on 
anyway – a little 
bit young!

What would be your dream 
career, then, after Love Island?

Anything to do with entertainment, really. Look at 
Rylan [Clark-Neal], for 
example – he 
was on a reality 
TV show and 
he’s doing phenomenally 
in presenting. I’d love that. 
I think that’s such a lovely job.

Have you had any surgery?

I’ve had lip fillers, but it was 
a minuscule amount. I only did it because everyone else was doing it and I just thought 
I might as well do it.

Would you do it again?

I don’t think so. A lot of the reality TV stars that have 
done it have totally changed their faces. Some girls are having work done and they don’t need it, so I won’t be doing that.

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Which celebrity has taken 
it too far?

Megan McKenna was 
stunning before she had her lips done and she’s still stunning now, but I don’t 
think anyone should have 
to change for the public.

Do you worry about what people might write about 
you online when you’re 
on the show?

No. People are going to hate and they’re going to be jealous, but you’ve got to take it with 
a pinch of salt.

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