Singer voices her opinion on The X Factor judges

Amy Winehouse reckons X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has the hots for her.

The troubled singer made the bizarre claims while speaking to fans through the intercom system at her north London home, reports the News Of The World.

‘I love Cheryl, I love Cheryl,’ she admitted. ‘She fancies me I’m telling you.’

She later slated Simon Cowell, 49, for his old-fashioned haircut.

‘Let me say one thing that is pertinent and I won’t swear on it either,’ she rambled.

‘It’s got nothing to do with Simon Cowell, although everything that’s wrong in the world probably does.

‘I mean he’s the reason that all them hairdressers haven’t taken their pictures out of the window since the Sixties.’

Amy, 25, later accused Louis Walsh, 56, of talking ‘sh*t’ and having no personality.

Alison Adey