Singer loves to spend time preparing food

It’s hard to imagine Amy Winehouse peeling potatoes and chopping up leeks, but the singer loves to slip on a pinnie.

The more agitated she feels, the more likely she is to start bringing a pan to the boil.

Her best friend and former flatmate Juliette Ashby has brilliant memories of the time she and Amy used to live together.

‘I’d have passed out from being stoned, and Amy would be roasting a chicken at three in the morning,’ she recalls.

‘When she’s stressed, or a bit f**ked up in the head, Amy’ll be in the kitchen. She loves feeding people. She’s a nutcase, but she’s a good person. I worry for her a lot.

‘There have been nights when I’ve been in bed and I’ve heard this banging sound…’

‘And it’s been me, banging my head against the wall,’ Amy, 23, tells the Observer Magazine. ‘I don’t do that so much these days.

‘I’d be dead if it wasn’t for Juliette. Easily.’