He’s the hottest X Factor favourite in history – and Andrea Faustini just had his Best. Day. EVER

We fell in love with adorable X Factor finalist Andrea Faustini, 20, a student from Italy, from the moment we first saw him in his pug jumper. So we thought we’d reunite him with his favourite thing in the whole world… pugs! It’s fair to say, meeting Now has made Andrea’s dreams come true…

Is this your best day ever?

Oh my God, yes! There are pugs everywhere! I want to steal one!

VIDEO! Watch how happy Andrea is with the pugs by clicking here

You’re the hottest X Factor favourite in history! How does that make you feel?

Wow. It’s crazy. I’m not even realising what’s happening and that’s better because it keeps me calm. I want to enjoy myself. I sometimes feel homesick, but when I read beautiful things people write to me on Twitter, I don’t feel homesick any more.

Did you ever audition for Italian X Factor?

Yes, four times. For the first three I didn’t get to audition in front of the judges. This year I did and got three yeses.

I got the same in the UK and felt my heart was here, so I made a choice. It was a huge risk because there are so many better singers here, but I wanted the challenge.

What do you miss most about Italy?

Pasta. And my family. I miss pasta – my favourite is with very little tomatoes and Parmigiano.

What’s home like?

I’m a student living with my mum, dad and sister Eleanor [28]. She’s here [points to his wrist]. I drew it myself and got it tattooed. She has the same one – we got them done after my audition. She’s my best friend.

Is she here?

She’s in Italy. It’s very important for me for my family to be here. Their support means everything. They fly over when they can, but it’s too expensive every week.

Are you pleased with your song from this weekend?

I sang One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston. It’s my favourite song and Whitney‘s my favourite artist ever. It’s a proper diva song. It reflects me at this moment in my life and I don’t want to waste it.

Last year’s X Factor winner Sam Bailey told us you shouldn’t sing cheesy songs because they don’t suit you…

Even if I don’t really like a song, the beautiful thing is I can make it my own. I can put a new twist on it, so why not?

If you win, what will you spend the money on?

Winning is so far from this moment. But if I did win, I’d give money to my family and maybe buy a small car like a Fiat 500. After the car, maybe I’ll buy the driving licence too! [Laughs]

Have you got any celeb fans?

Rebecca Ferguson Tweeted me. So did Little Mix and Keith Lemon. He said mine was the best audition ever. I don’t know who he is, but I love him.

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