Made In Chelsea's Andy Jordan is leaving the E4 show after four seasons on it, to concentrate on his music career and fashion line

No! Say it isn’t so! Our favourite curly-haired, guitar playing, surfing boy Andy Jordan, is leaving Made in Chelsea!

After two years and four seasons roaming the streets of Chelsea, the 24-year-old is moving on from MIC to take on the rest of the world with his singing and style.

‘After four seasons on Made in Chelsea, I have decided it’s time to step away from the show – it has been an amazing experience and I have learnt lots and made some great friends along the way,’ he said as our eyes filled with tears.

‘Music and fashion are my real passions and I now have to focus on these projects full time. I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my years on the show and I really look forward to the next chapter… Watch this space!’

As well as his cheeky face and majestic mane of curly locks, here are 6 reasons things that we’re really going to miss when Andy leaves SW3…

1.) Soulful singing

As Andy said, he and his guitar going to melt thousands of girls hearts by carrying on with his music career. Who’d have thought that all that time when he wrote THAT song for Louise Thompson, that he would end up with his first EP, A Whole Lot of Water, in the UK’s Top 40 last year. He’s been touring the country and is now working on his second EP and new album. As if he wasn’t enough of a cutie, every shot we saw of Andy with a guitar or performing on the show made us swoon a little bit more. What can we say – we can’t resist a musician.

2.) Suave and stylish
Thought Andy was all about the cosy knitwear that you kinda wanted to snuggled all up in (with him IN the knitwear as well of course) – well you’re wrong! Being one of the most stylish members of the MiC boys – there’s no white streaked hair here – Andy’s recently been named by American GQ as one of London’s best-dressed men. He even bet David Gandy and Douglas Booth to the title! Not only that by he’s also got his very own line of clothing called Jam Industries don’t cha know?

3.) Funny bone

Not only is Mr. Jordan one of the most charming men of MIC (hands up who also wanted to have a date with him in the recording studio?) but he’s one of the most down to earth of the bunch, and never took himself too seriously. As you can tell from the hilarious promo for the fifth season of the show where Andy takes the mick out of himself and his erm, iconic nostrils. We’re #notready for you to leave!

4.) City escape
As much as we love seeing our favourite Chelsea chums having Bloody Marys in cool bars and contemplating their life amongst the river, we kinda loved it even more that Andy was a seaside soul at heart. Hailing from Devon, his Instagram is often filled with pics of him surfing, which he’s also an instructor in at a surf school he co-owns, and chilling out on the beach with a beer and a barbeque. With both SW3 and the seaside, it’s the best of both worlds! Andy’s definitely one that you can bring home to meet your mum. He might even take her own for afternoon cream tea.

5.) Bromance
When Andy joined the posh-est reality TV show on our screens, he came along with buddy Stevie Johnson, and their bromance is one to go down in history. The two cheeky monkeys were often found giggling as they were up to mischief and we don’t think even the combination of Mark Francais’ sassy one-liners and Victoria’s catty comments will even fill the hole of Andy and Stevie’s friendship. #Sandy (Geddit? Cus he likes the beach and surfing…)

6.) Emoji expressions
Who needs emojis when you’ve got the facial expressions of Andy Jordan! He’s got you covered for every occasion. Whether it’s excited, shocked or  – our personal favourite – awkward. Andy’s face is more than just handsome!


Credit: E4

First Francis Boulle skate-boared out of Chelsea, then Millie Mackintosh and her stylish ways sashayed away, and now, Andy’s surfed off into the sunset. If our honest homegirl Lucy Watson and Digby are next, that’s it – we’re doomed!

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