She's got the hump over co-star Johnny's other half

After Vanessa Paradis put a ban on her man Johnny Depp’s raunchy shower scene with Angelina Jolie in The Tourist, it seems hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Insiders say Ange, 35, is furious that Vanessa, 37, ordered Johnny not to pose with her on the red carpet or even attend the post-premiere parties.

So when Johnny, 47, did put in an appearance at the après-premiere party at Pete’s Tavern in New York last week, a tipsy Ange – accompanied by Brad Pitt, 46 – pinned him down for an explanation on Vanessa’s absence.

‘She started mouthing off at Johnny, saying: “Why isn’t she here? This is silly!”

‘She’d had a few drinks and wouldn’t let up,’ says Now’s eyewitness at the party.

‘She has a real bee in her bonnet that Vanessa thinks she’s trying to steal Johnny and she told him if that was true she would’ve done so already.

‘It was all very embarrassing and in the end Brad had to drag her away before apologising to Johnny, who took it all in his stride.

‘The next day Ange was very red-faced and had to eat a lot of humble pie.’

A source close to Johnny and Vanessa tells Now: ‘Vanessa didn’t want Johnny to do the film.

‘She knew people would say he and Ange were having an affair and she didn’t want their children to read it.

‘She didn’t go to the premieres as she knew people would say she didn’t trust her man if she did.’

No wonder Johnny has said snogging Ange on set during filming was ‘awkward’…

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