Niall Horan may have enjoyed his weekend at Glasto but he says he thinks it'll be while until One Direction grace the famous pyramid stage

They have the world at their feet but according to Niall Horan, One Direction the world’s biggest pop band in case you forgot – won’t be going headlining at Glastonbury any time soon.

Niall has admitted the band is not cool enough (his words, not ours) to play at the iconic Worthy Farm and take the pyramid stage alongside giants before them like Oasis, Beyonce, Kanye and even legendary crooner Lionel Richie who stole the show with his star turn last weekend.

He told the The Sun: ‘We’re not cool enough to play at Glastonbury. It’s so cool, we had loads of fun.’

Yup, you heard it from those Irish lips yourself!

It seems Niall is more up for the craic and would rather sit back and enjoy watching other  bands perform rather than do the slog himself.

Fair play to him after 1D have been on the road with a gruelling schedule.

Niall added: ‘We were there for a day but we had to leave at 1am because we had a gig, but we’re going back next year for sure. It’s great that we get to come back after every concert on the European tour.

‘We have time to be in London a bit. But we’re off to America now to start the tour there. It’s exciting.’

It’s not the first time a megaband has said they are not considered cool enough for such a big event in the music calendar.

Busted (before they became he force to be reckoned with McBusted) were never happy they didn’t win NME awards or get to play at Glasto even though they played their own instruments and were a pop rock band in their own right. *sobs*

And despite sailing to the top of the charts in many countries, having a sea of loyal Directioner fans, and not to mention millions in the bank,  it’s clear to see Louis doesn’t think that makes them qualify for Glastonbury.

But his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, disagrees, saying: ‘I’d love to play next year.’

Well, it might just be a one man band then!

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Sarah Tetteh