These famous couples faced sensationally HUGE payouts during the end of their marriages

It might be nearly two years since they split but Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom are finally heading for divorce.

The couple – who married in 2009 just one month after they first met – signed papers to officially end their marriage this week after much speculation about a possible reconciliation.

Khloé, 31, reportedly first filed for divorce over a year and a half ago but there was no progress made with the documents on basketball player Lamar’s part – until now.

Both have put pen to paper and their split will be made official when a judge signs the papers.

It’s not yet known what sort of settlement Khloé and Lamar will reach. Could it be a costly affair?

One thing’s for sure – it’s unlikely to be as pricey as these cases! Here’s some of Hollywood’s most expensive divorces EVER…

Ted Danson and Casey Coates – £19 million

American actor Ted paid the price for having an affair with Whoopi Goldberg during his second marriage to producer Casey. The couple – who had a girl, Kate, together and adopted a second daughter called Alexis – ended things in 1993 after 16 years and it reportedly cost Ted £19 million.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills – £24.3 million

Who could possibly forget the acrimonious split between Paul and Heather? The Beatles singer officially separated from second wife Heather – with whom he had a daughter, Beatrice – in 2008 and the former model was awarded £24.3 million in the divorce settlement, despite apparently seeking £125 million.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie – £50 million

They were a superstar couple the world over following their wedding in 2000 but things turned sour for Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Their break-up was announced in late 2008 and they were soon divorced, with Madge paying out between £50 and £60 million to the British film director.

At the time Madonna’s spokeswoman said: ‘I’d assume it’s one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce.’ There have been even costlier splits though…

Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey – £98 million

Back in 1996 crooner Neil was reported to have handed over half of his fortune to second wife Marcia in their divorce case, with the figure said to be a whopping £98 million. Neil has since denied that it was that large though, having said in 2012: ‘I told my former wife, “Honey, I wish it were true. I’d love to give that to you.” But musicians don’t make that kind of money.’

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Gibson – £250 million

Mel’s split from wife Robyn – the mother of seven of his children – in 2011 was said to be Hollywood’s most expensive divorce ever. The break-up apparently cost movie star Mel at least £250 million – WOAH. They never had a pre-nuptial agreement so Robyn was entitled to more than half of her man’s earnings.

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