The rock chick with attitude is still full of fire

When snapped by paparazzi snogging her new husband Deryck Whibley in a car last year, Avril Lavigne was so annoyed, she spat in their lenses.

‘I’ve been spitting on paparazzi for two years,’ she admits. ‘These are annoying guys who follow me around every night and wait around for me.

‘It gets stupid. I’ll have five guys on my tail while I’m driving up the hill in my car alone. What if they do something? It should be illegal.’

The 22-year-old Sk8ter Boi star wore a traditional white dress by Vera Wang for her wedding last July but getting married hasn’t changed her edgy attitude.

‘I have quite a few female fans,’ says Avril. ‘I’m kind of tomboyish in some way and also people get a kind of toughness out of me because I’m a strong woman and I do what I want and say what I want.

‘Maybe they like that.’