Couple speak about their relationship

Millie Mackintosh has revealed how Professor Green has made her happier than ever.

The former Made In Chelsea star admits she was in a bad place when she started seeing Pro – real name Stephen Manderson – back in 2011 but their relationship has changed her for the better.

‘When I met Steve I was in this unhappy party circuit bubble, which was quite unhealthy,’ says Millie, 24.

‘But he has brought out the best side in me: I feel happy and secure now.

‘As an artist and a rapper he has a hard image, but I get to see a different side to him: he’s kind, gentle, well-spoken – though I won’t say he’s soppy or overly sweet.’

The feeling is mutual for Pro, 30, who thinks he and Millie balance each other out perfectly.

‘I know I couldn’t be with me: I’m an absolute nightmare,’ the rapper says.

‘So I think Millie is commendable just for being with me, and she’s helped me no end. I’m a huge pessimist – and too much pessimism can lead to depression.

‘But Millie is a big optimist. I think that can be dangerous, too, if it becomes naïve, so we have a good balance; I just hope I haven’t made her into a more negative person.’

The couple – who tied the knot in September 2013 – open up about their relationship in The Independent’s How We Met feature and Millie has shared a cute picture of them used in the article on Instagram.

First family portrait, Millie captions the photo.

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