Mark Wright reveals what happened when he hung out with Calvin Harris during a set in Las Vegas

Calvin Harris and Mark Wright aren’t exactly two celebs you’d imagine hanging out together but lo and behold, this momentous meeting actually happened – and something quite major unfolded in the process.

In some ways we suppose they have a lot in common (ish), what with both being DJs ’n all, so Mark was thrilled to get to hang out with Calvin in a booth during the latter’s set in Hakkasan Las Vegas in May.

The 28-year-old former TOWIE star was in the city for his stag do ahead of his wedding to Michelle Keegan, so we can only imagine how thrilled he was to watch Mr Harris at work.

But did 31-year-old Calvin, the world’s highest-paid DJ and boyfriend of global superstar Taylor Swift, allow Mark, Heart FM disc jockey, to have a go on his decks? Erm, well this is where it gets awkward.

‘He didn’t let me go near the decks,’ says Mark. Oh well, maybe next time.

It wasn’t a total fail though as Mark managed to get a photo with Calvin which he seemed pretty chuffed with.

‘He allowed me to go up to the DJ booth and have a little selfie,’ the reality star tells Digital Spy at V Festival.

‘So that was great.’

Mark’s revelation has received quite a reaction from fans and – sorry Mark – most are totally on Calvin’s side…

Others were a bit more blunt about it, with one writing: ‘I would of told him to f**k off!!!’ Bit harsh.

Some called Calvin a ‘hero’ for the snub and one admirer Tweeted: ‘hahahahahahah this story can’t be any better’ Poor Mark!

The TV presenter doesn’t seem to have taken the whole thing to heart though and just seemed absolutely over the moon to have met Calvin Harris at all.

During his time in the DJ booth with Taylor’s BF, Mark Tweeted his highly-prized selfie of them together and called him ‘Not only a legend but a LOVELY LOVELY MAN !!!!’

Ah, all’s well that ends well then.

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