Thom Evans says he and his Strictly Come Dancing partner are just good friends. Ouch!

Thom Evans has shut down any chance of a romance with his Strictly Come Dancing partner Iveta Lukosiute, which is slightly awkward considering she has hinted she might like to hook up with him.

The former Scotland rugby player made it clear they are just ‘very good friends’ after speculation of a relationship emerged.

Thom, 29, who has dated model Kelly Brook and actress Jessica Lowndes, said that although they get on really well, they are nothing but strictly professional with each other.

He told the Metro newspaper: ‘She’s an amazing personality off the dancefloor. We get on – that’s it.’
Blimey Thom, you don’t have to tell us twice!

We can’t imagine how miffed Iveta, 34, will be feeling though, as she has admitted she quite fancies him.

She previously told The Mirror: ‘Do I think he is a good looking guy? Yes I do, he’s gorgeous. I like his work ethic, I like how dedicated he is. I like his humour, he is quite funny, he dances and sings.

‘Will romance happen? I am one of those people who never says never, although at the moment we are focusing on the dancing.

‘It is very good with Thom, he is a really hard worker, very focused, I am very happy. He is the best one I have ever had.’

Unfortunately, Iveta‘s time with Thom when the 2014 series is over sounds limited as he’s planning on eventually upping sticks and moving to LA, where both of his exes happen to live.

When asked if he plans on doing more Hollywood auditions and launching his acting career Stateside he confessed: ‘That’s still firmly the plan. For me, though, I’d love to do a play here or some kind of work in England before anything happens.’

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