Cee Lo Green and his wife-to-be Shani James prepare to tie the knot as Cee Lo works on his new album


STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW: Cee Lo Green is engaged to his girlfriend Shani James. The former The Voice judge, who was previously married to Christina Johnson before the pair divorced in 2005, actually proposed a year ago – but has somehow managed to keep his secret from the press – until now.


The clever singer behind infectious pop hits such as ‘F**k You’ and ‘It’s OK’ is no less creative when it comes to creative proposals. Describing the incident to People, he said: “It was just a typical night at the studio, but then again, not so typical cause I did something extra special, out of the ordinary,” Green, 41, tells PEOPLE. “I went and purchased a ring that we had seen together, maybe four or five months or so prior. I went back and purchased the ring and I just kind of had it stashed away in some old equipment. And I said, ‘Will you reach in there and grab something for me?’ At that point, Shani found the diamond ring. ADORBS!

Addressing wife-to-be Shani, Cee Lo said: ”You’ve been such a good woman. You’re such an amazing person. You’re my life partner. You’re my best friend. I want to share the rest of my life with you.’ Shani has stood by Cee Lo throughout a number of criminal charges, including drugs and sexual assault, and his dismissal from The Voice in 2012. He was also ordered by the court to seek for his drugs and alcohol issues last year.

Cee Lo is currently filming the music video for his song ‘Work’, part of his upcoming album ‘Heart Blanche’. With Shani by his side and a wedding looming in the future, we hope Cee Lo is able to overcome his troubles in past years and keep on track with his music. We’re rooting for you, Cee Lo and Shani!