Helen Flanagan's tiny tot has found herself firmly in the social media spotlight since she was born

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on June 30 and Helen Flanagan hasn’t stopped gushing over her gorgeous daughter, sharing pictures on social media of her newborn Matilda Jessica Sinclair. So while Helen has been documenting her first two weeks of motherhood, we thought it was only fair to get Miss Matilda’s side of the story, or at least how we’d imagine it would be if she could speak…

Pic 1

I was a bit slow arriving, more than a week after mummy’s due date in fact. So obvs my lovely mum couldn’t wait to grab her phone and take a selfie of us. I have to say, doesn’t she look great without any make-up on? I could barely keep my eyes open after the journey, so I had a little snooze on her bosom.

Pic 2

The cat nap didn’t last long though as I woke when Daddy wanted a cuddle. I was a bit grizzly – I think I was just hungry and ready to leave hospital and go home.

Pic 3

I’m home! Mummy is literally smitten with me – check out what it says on my babygro – ‘apple of mummy’s eye’. Bet that’ll change when I’m an unruly teenager.

Pic 4

Mum took me out on the patio to have a look at the garden, but I was still very tired. The real world is so different to the womb, it’s a bit overwhelming, and being snuggled in a cosy blanket, I couldn’t resist falling to sleep on her chest again.

Pic 5

I’m a big fan of the dummy at the moment for comfort. That together with my fleeced blanket is literally heaven. Mum gave them to me just before we settled down on the sofa to watch The Lion King – great film but I cried my eyes out, naturally.

Pic 6

So mum was putting make-up on ready for our first dolled up selfie, but it took a little bit too long and I lost interest and ending up falling asleep on her lap. Sorry mum, plenty of time for more selfies.

Pic 7

I love my baby pink dress in this picture! It’s a gorgeous summer frock. As you can see with my changing mat and moses basket in the background, we’ve been chilling out in the living room a lot, which is good because there’s a huge telly for me to watch more Disney films like Beauty and the Beast, which I must say was brilliant.

Pic 8

I know this is probably a bit bigheaded of me but aren’t I super cute? Look how snuggly I am! This was my first trip to the coffee shop. I enjoyed but I think I’ll have a double espresso next time as the milk didn’t seem to keep me awake.

Pic 9

Mum stripped me off and we had a cuddle skin to skin, it was really nice and comforting.

Pic 10

Girls day out! Nanna, mum and I went shopping in Bath. We stopped for a bite to eat, I stuck to milk, obvs – Nanna winded me afterwards and mum took a picture of it – can’t say it’s my best look, but there’s plenty of time for picture revenge in the future.

Pic 11

This is my favourite pic of mummy and I. Not only do I like my bunny rabbit babygro but mummy captioned the picture with some gorgeous words. “I hope that one day you will see me as your best friend my beautiful daughter you make me so so happy,” she said. Aww! Of course I see you as my best friend, you make me so happy too!

Pic 12

Happy two weeks old to me! It’s been a fun and fabulous 14 days in the world!

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Lisa Blake