James Corden was clearly inspired by his spouse when it came to naming his second child


James Corden and his wife Julia Carey have welcomed their second child together. The proud parents introduced a little girl named Carey to the world… wait a second, isn’t that Julia‘s surname?

Now known as Mrs Corden, the couple gave a nod to her maiden name with the latest addition to their brood.

James and ex TV producer Julia already have a three-year-old son named Max so they’ll have their hands full as the actor-and-host up sticks and takes his talents to the States.

The former Gavin & Stacey star will be taking over Scottish-born Craig Ferguson‘s The Late Late Show and is taking his family across the pond with him for his new job.

While Ant and Dec take over his four-year role as main presenter for the BRIT Awards next year, James‘ career is likely to get even more demanding as he adjusts to America and his expanding family.

It’s no surprise the pair have opted to pass on a special moniker to their bundle of joy, James gave his firstborn Max the middle name McCartney after Sir Paul McCartney‘s last name.

The 36-year-old explained how he went about naming his baby after the Beatles legend, in order to promote Comic Relief. Well if it’s in the name of charity we’re all for it!

‘I laid it on very thick, telling him, “people won’t die if you do our sketch”. It makes it very difficult for people to say no.

‘He said, “bloody hell, James, I’ve heard some groveling in my time”. I then said, “that’s nothing – if you’d said no, I was going to say I would name my unborn child after you”,’ he said while appearing on the Graham Norton Show in 2013.

‘To which he said, “if you promise to do that, I’ll do the sketch”. And that’s why my son is called Max McCartney Kimberley Corden.’

The screen star dropped five stone, going from 21 stones to 16 stone, when he first became a dad as he wanted to become a healthier parent.

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