As the MTV VMA award nominations are announced a Twitter fued between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift emerges

ATTENTION EVERYONE! There’s a good ol’ fashioned pop music fight going on on Twitter at the moment. And it ain’t pretty.

And all because of some silly awards. Well, they’re the MTV VMAs which are a pretty big deal – so maybe not so silly…

In the red corner, we have Taylor Swift. In the blue corner, we have Nicki Minaj. And it all started when the nomination for the awards were released. Taylor’s record-breaking video, Bad Blood, was nominated for THE award of the night, the Video of the Year award. And although Nicki racked up 3 nominations herself, she seemed a bit miffed that Anaconda wasn’t up for the main award.

And Nicki made sure the world knew how she felt about her bootylicious video being oversighted.

While the 32-year-old rapper didn’t address anyone specifically, everyone and their mum speculated that she was talking about 25-year-old Taylor Swift, who’s Bad Blood video infamously included an A-list line-up of cameos, including lots of models.

Even Tay-Tay herself thought so, and messaged Nicki about it.

She even invited Nicki on stage with her – talk about killing them with niceness!

Nicki insists that she wasn’t talking about T-Swizzle, and even sent some mutual love out to her. But then she kept re-tweeting fans who were addressing of defending her against Taylor. Something smells fishy here…

And when you think this is all just a cat-fight and all a bit high school a la Mean Girls (we’re just waiting for Regina George to pipe in), the Superbass singer highlights this row into a race issue.

Sadly, The Plastics didn’t make an appearance, but a lot of people on social media thought that Kim Kardashian was taking Nicki’s side as she posted a photo and captioned it ‘Imma let you finish but…’ from THAT incident when her hubby Kanye West stormed the stage while Taylor was accepting an award. Yeah – you remember the one. Awkward…

While Kim K later revealed she had no idea what was going on and changed the captioned, one performer who is as keen to jump in the ring and get involved with this Twitter spat is Bruno Mars, who is also nominated for the awards, and challenged fellow nominee Ed Sheeran to their very own duel.

At least he’s added some comic relief to this whole situation!

Our boy Ed was quick to hit back, whilst we were basically provided with a flyer to their upcoming match.
Now THAT’S a fight that’d we’d want to see! We’re picturing guitars being smashed by Ed and hats flying off Bruno’s perfectly coiffed hair.

We’ve got our popcorn at the ready!

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Amy Lo