Winner of 2015's Great British Bake Off Nadiya has opened up about the nation falling in love with her husband, and her weight loss struggles

There aren’t much bigger moments in TV than the World Cup, Adele’s comeback snippet, and of course, the Great British Bake Off final.

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And when Nadiya Hussain won the most British show to ever exist, not only did she make the one and only Mary Berry shed and tear, and our hearts swell with even more love for the lovely lady, but we as a nation seemed to fall in love with her husband as much as we did her, when he appeared on screen and congratulated when with sheer pride and joy! (We promise we’re not crying again…)

And Nadiya ain’t no fool – she knows what a hotty her hubby is!

‘I believe he’s what you’d call a dreamboat, that’s what it says in the papers.’

Yep – the papers, the internet. Just everyone really Nadiya.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, Nadiya gushed about her husband, Abdal Hussain, as much as he probably does about her: ‘”the Hottie with the Cappuccino Skin!” That’s what I call him now.’

GREAT nickname!

The 30-year-old revealed though that when she got the call for the final 12 of the Bake Off, she nearly told them that she couldn’t do it

Speaking in Hello! magazine, she said: ‘When I was called for the final 12 I nearly rang to tell them I couldn’t do it, but now sees being seen as a role model as a ‘fantastic thing.’

‘From everyone’s responses it seems I’m representing Muslims, Bangladeshis, Luton, Leeds, stay-at-home mums, wives, mothers, the list seems to get bigger.’

She also opened up about her weight loss after having her three children: ‘After I was married and a mum, I got comfortable, my husband loved me, the house was warm, I was happy. I was a size 16/18.’

Decided three years ago to do something about her weight, Nadiya tried meal replacements but after eating smaller portions of food, walking around five miles before the kids got up, and drinking four litres of water a day, she graduadully lost a whopping three stone in nine months.

We think she looks fantastic! As does her husband. And her kids. Actually – just that whole family!

Amy Lo