Tropic Thunder actor's a big fan of the singer


Ben Stiller says he’s in awe of Sir Elton John because he thinks he’s so talented.

The actor, 43, and a pal are teaming up with the singer, 61, on a musical.

A friend of mine has been working on the script for a long time, he says.

Its about a Broadway theatre director and Elton is writing the music for it. Its really funny.’

But Ben, who stars in Tropic Thunder, admits he tries to play it cool when he chats to the star.

‘Im a huge Elton John fan,’ he tells Metro. ‘His music has meant a lot to me through the years.

‘So to have conversations with him about something were working on and pretending thats normal is always fun.

‘Im very starstruck around him because I think hes such a genius.

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