Who wants to watch Benedict Cumberbatch do the Beyonce walk? All of you? Go on then

Did you catch The Graham Norton Show this weekend? If you didn’t, you might’ve missed one of the greatest moments of television in years.

It involved a certain actor we’re vaguely (completely) obsessed with, and his impression of a certain singer we are also vaguely (completely) obsessed with.

We won’t keep you in suspense, mainly because the headline was a total spoiler. We’re talking about Benedict Cumberbatch and the moment he interrupted Miranda Hart‘s interview with Graham Norton, to do a ‘Beyonce walk’.

Comedian Miranda was discussing the ‘pop star walk’ and dared Ben to give it a shot. He obliged, because he’s the Coolest Dude ever, and this was the amazing, brilliant, hilarious result:

How many times did you watch it? It’s hypnotic, isn’t it?

Some people (idiots) thought it wasn’t actually a very accurate impression of the Goddess Beyonce, but the core Cumberbitches – and yes, that includes us – totally loved it and consequently find the 38-year-old even sexier than before. To quote our favourite internet comment on the video: ‘If Benedict walked at me like that, I think my clothes would just fall off.’

*Silently nods in agreement*

The actor, who’s starring as Alan Turing in upcoming film The Imitation Game, also talked to lovely Graham about Star Wars (Benedict can do a very good Jar Jar Binks impression) and confirmed when Sherlock will be back (not until next year). Oh, and then he told Graham about not being able to say the word penguins.

We’ll say that again.

Benedict Cumberbatch can’t pronounce the word penguins.

There is no real way of explaining that further, so we’ll just make you watch the interview below. Skip to 3.35 if you want to see Ben say ‘penwing’ over and over (or don’t skip anything because Benedict‘s face is involved in those first three and a half minutes).

It’s pretty amazing.

Benedict called his speaking failure, ‘mortifying’ and said he is now, ‘completely terrified of the word.’

Don’t worry Benedict, you have other talents (see: your lovely face and Beyonce impressions).

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Lucy Vine