Where the feline world and Benedict Cumberbatch unite in one big fur ball of amazing-ness

It’s no secret Benedict Cumberbatch can throw a seriously convincing grimace.

Benedict‘s character – the cunning Khan – in sci-fi flick Star Trek Into Darkness might be one of the grumpiest men on film
ever. To be fair, Khan is a crazed interplanetary terrorist hell-bent on blowing everything up in the name of evil.

We couldn’t help but notice Benedict‘s miserable mouth looked remarkably similar to the permanent rage on Garfi, the world’s angriest cat – and when you compare them it’s nothing short of hilarious! 

Which obviously led to us to wondering if Benedict‘s other emotions and expressions matched any other famous felines. We’re happy to report they do!

Benedict‘s frown in BBC’s
television series Parade’s End, is seriously sombre. To be fair, the drama takes place during World War I, which
definitely darkens the mood.

And makes Benedict also a dead ringer for Grumpy Cat aka internet sensation Tardar Sauce. But then, you might find it wildly upsetting too if you were reincarnated as a cat and your owner decided to call you Tardar Sauce.

But Benedict has also mastered an adorable astonishment-face in Sherlock, which only adds to our desire to cover this gorgeous posh man in kisses. But if we had solved a murder case we might look that astonished too.

(If Benedict‘s security detail is reading this, then we would definitely add the entire Now team to your list of potentially cumbersome people/situations).

But we digress… Benedict‘s astounded face matches, you guessed it, Surprised Cat, aka OMG cat, aka Banye the British shorthair who thanks to an unfortunate dark patch of fur below his mouth, looks perpetually shocked – and also the latest kitty to capture our hearts.

Well, go on, see fur yourself – click through the gallery above to see Benedict look gloriously handsome no matter how severe his glower next to the cutest kitties ever.

What’s not to love?

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Louis Boroditsky