Singer flies in style to World Music Awards in Monaco

Beyonce Knowles is said to have proved just what a diva she can be when she demanded a £30 million jet to take her to last night’s World Music Awards in Monaco.

Organisers originally arranged for the singer to be flown to the event in a plane that has previously been used by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, 39, Sir Elton John, 61, and the late Frank Sinatra.

But Beyonce, 27, is reported to have demanded a brand new aircraft instead.

‘We tried to convince her it was newly refurbished and told her Ol’ Blue Eyes, Elton and J-Lo had used it, but she suggested they got one of the newer fleet,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror.

‘Staff were told to give her whatever she wanted – including an Xbox, PSP, Jacuzzi and a pizza.’

Beyonce’s sister Solange, 22, failed to get the same VIP treatment – she reportedly had to use a glorified cupboard to get changed in at the ceremony.

Beyonce got star billing and the most elaborate dressing room,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror. ‘She had scented candles, flowers, chocs and plasma screen TVs in hers. It was no expense spared.

‘Unfortunately there wasn’t enough space to give Solange her own dressing room. It wasn’t a deliberate snub but she had to make do with a broom cupboard. She ended up bunking in with big sister.’