Glyn Wise from Big Brother 7 is now involved in politics and standing as Plaid Cymru candidate for Welsh Assembly elections


Life after Big Brother can be a weird one. There’s a sea of TV shows, red-carpet events and even chart-topping music to be had – remember twins Sam and Amanda, aka Samanda, who released a cover of Barbie Girl? (Ok, so chart-topping may be a bit exaggerated…)

But one ex-BB contestant who’s gone down an path that no-one else has ventured before is Glyn Wise.

You remember Glyn right? Of course you do! He was everyone’s favorite cheeky Welsh chappy from Big Brother 7 back in 2006 – the same series as the love story of Pete and Nikki – who taught us how to cook an egg for the very first time. A classic tune btw.

Well, now, young Glyn is all grown up! After he finished second in Big Brother, he went to uni and got quite into politics. He worked in radio and even presented a show called Glyn’s Virgin Voters. (It’s not what you think)

And now, the 27-year-old has only gone and been chosen to stand as Plaid Cymru candidate for Welsh Assembly elections. He’s the party that wants Wales to be independent from the rest of the UK, who’s leader is Leanne Wood and you’ll probably recognize from being all Welsh all over the telly during the elections.

Yes. This guy is now involved in politics!

Glyn thinks that he can use his experience in communicating with people and the media, and just being a general nice lad to swap his time in TV to doing some good for the Assembly’s Siambr.

Well, if the tasks that he tackled in the Big Brother house is anything to go by, we’re sure Glynny is going to do alright at this politics things.

‘I intend to use my knowledge of social media and the media generally to promote Plaid Cymru’s message to voters.’

And it’s not all talk and no action – Glyn really knows his stuff people! Talking about significant improvements needing to be made to the NHS to cut down waiting times, he adds: ‘I come from a working class family in Blaenau Ffestiniog in Gwynedd and strongly believe that Plaid Cymru represents and stands up best for the interests of the working class.”

‘I look forward to using my experience in reaching out to people across all communities, many of who have been disillusioned with politics in recent years.’

We may start getting more into politics now!

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