Couple split because of different priorities

Billy Bob Thornton said his marriage to Angelina Jolie ended because she wanted to save the world and he wanted to stay at home and watch Teletubbies on TV.

The Bad Santa actor denies the rumours that his adultery ended the marriage with the 31-year-old and claims they both just wanted different things.

‘I never cheated on her,’ Billy Bob, 51, tells Empire magazine. ‘We had a great relationship. We loved each other the whole time we were together.

‘We just had different ideas about our lives. She has her thing where she’s all over the world and that’s great, I respect her for that. I just want to stay at home. I watch a lot of sports on television. I’m a big baseball freak.

‘And if I’m not watching sports I’m watching Teletubbies with my two-year-old daughter Bella.’