Singer still struggling to get over the tragedy


Brandy has spoken out for the first time about the fatal car accident she was involved in 2 years ago.

The singer, 29, was driving in LA when she hit into the back of another car, causing it to slide into the central reservation.

It was hit by another vehicle and the woman driver was killed.

‘It was a situation that changed my life forever,’ Brandy admits. ‘I will never be the same.’

Following the accident, Brandy became the centre of a media frenzy.

‘I just feel like a lot of people jumped on it because it was something to talk about,’ she tells Quddus.

‘And instead of just waiting to see what really happened, they make their own story about it and started pointing the finger and blaming.’

Despite being acquitted of vehicular manslaughter, Brandy still faces a £25 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by the woman’s family.

It’s due to be heard in court next April.

Alison Adey