He's been around

It doesn’t get more ‘edge of your seat entertainment’ than Alex Magala’s death defying trick on Britain’s Got Talent.

The sword-swallowing maestro wowed audiences on Saturday with his terrifying samurai sword-guzzling, but this isn’t the first time he’s performed for a talent show audience. In fact, the Moldovan-born trickster is quite the expert when it comes to talent shows.


He’s appeared on America’s got Talent

Then made a stab at Ukraine’s Got Talent

He got people on edge in France’s Got Talent

And he competed in Russia’s Got Talent, where he won the whole show.

Which then meant he could perform in the opening ceremony for the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014…

That guy just really loves swallowing swords.

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Alex Magala may have put on one of the most dazzling displays we’ve ever seen on the talent show, but not everyone is happy that this many foreign acts have appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. David Walliams, though, has defended the inclusion.
Speaking at the show’s launch, the comedy actor said: ‘It’s sort of become “World’s Got Talent”, this show, and that puts us in a very special place.

‘I hate to think we wouldn’t have people from around the world because they set the bar higher.

‘It would be quite tough when you’ve got one person from Spain and one person from England and you say, “You can’t enter”. Or “You are British, but you grew up here or you moved from there.”

‘I like that it’s open for everybody.’

If being a bit loose on the definition of Britain’s Got Talent gives us more acts like Alex, then yeah, let’s just make it World’s Got Talent.