Two Now staff members have their say on the Geordie duo...

‘I just can’t warm to Ant and Dec’ – Now’s Fashion and BeautyEditor Lydia Swinscoe

TV in general annoys the hell out of me, especially with the same format talent shows we see over and over again – it’s SO boring.

But add Ant and Dec into the mix and oh boy, I need to put the TV on mute…

While they used to be fun and refreshing to watch (I adored them with Cat Deeley on SMTV!), they’re now unfunny, cocky and way too scripted. And they’re everywhere, talk about overexposed. After watching them on TV recently, I feel like their ‘jokey’ comments can quite often be quite sexist and really outdated too.

As well as being really irritating, they always seem to pop up on the most irritating shows and they’re so dumbed-down, or is that actually what they’re like?

Sorry Ant & Dec, it’s time for some new presenters! 

‘Ant and Dec are national treasures!’ – Now’s Acting Deputy News Editor Jack White 

After growing up with Ant and Dec on the telly more often than not, tuning into Saturday Night Takeaway or I’m a Celebrity is like sitting down for a natter with two old friends. Because the Geordie duo have a unique knack for talking to you and not at you, making it feel like an actual conversation.

Maybe it’s because they’re best friends IRL, but it never feels forced with Ant and Dec. Instead, it’s comfortable and familiar: Ant always stands on the left, Dec on the right, and that’s just the way it is. Cheeky, naughty and just plain funny, each knows how to make the other laugh uncontrollably – making for very interesting live TV.

They’ve won Best Presenters at the National Television Awards SIXTEEN years in a row and were finally given OBEs this year, and I think it’s the least they deserve. In my opinion, Ant and Dec are national treasures and we’re lucky to have them.   

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