Exposed by her own TV documentary, is it all too much, too soon for the fragile star?

When Britney Spears appeared on The X Factor, it’s no surprise that she wasn’t trusted to speak to the contestants. She’s been opening up about her life in interviews as part of her promotional tour for her new album Circus, but she’s proving to be something of a loose cannon.

The documentary Britney: For The Record, which aired on 1 December, was designed to show the world that she’s better, but what’s been picked up on is her words that her life now feels like a ‘prison’.

‘She looks good on the outside, but inside she’s falling apart,’ says our source. ‘She’s a complex character, still trying to overcome problems.

‘Britney, 27, wants her life back and thinks she’ll do fine controlling her own affairs, so she clashes with her dad. It was because of him she didn’t mentor the contestants on The X Factor as he knew she wasn’t ready.’

A day in Britney’s life

‘On Britney: For The Record she was shown having breakfast, but she’s not a morning person,’ says our source.

‘If she’s at home on a regular day without the boys visiting, she gets up around 9am or 10am for breakfast. Any meetings or appointments will be organised by Jamie and take place at home.

Britney spends a lot of her day watching TV and texting when she isn’t working out or at the dance studio.

‘Often she’ll go to bed at midnight, but at times she’ll be in bed by 8pm because she just wants to shut out her feelings when her sons Sean and Jayden have gone back to Kevin Federline’s and the house is quiet again.’

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