There’s spooky stuff going on round at the Beckham household...

Prepare to be spooked, people – Halloween is fast approaching and we predict all sorts of creepy shenanigans will be taking place.

The ghostly holiday is popular in the celebrity world too and something tells us that one famous family who are in for a particularly amazing weekend are the Beckhams, who are already preparing for a bit of a fright fest, it seems.


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Victoria Beckham got things started yesterday when she created some suitably scary-looking treats ready for the festivities!

Okay, they’re not actually scary – in fact the cutely decorated cupcakes are quite adorable, featuring designs including love hearts with eyes and amusing little creatures.

‘We are getting ready for Halloween, fun day baking!! X vb 🇺🇸,’ Victoria, 41, captioned the photo on Instagram. Er, save us some, please?

It looks like the fashion designer might have had a little help from her family with the yummy-looking snacks – could that cake with an H on the top have been created by Harper, we wonder?

Victoria Beckham fans certainly liked the look of the baked goods, with one commenting: ‘Wow they look amazing – I love cupcakes – yum yum 😀’

Another added: ‘I’m now hungry looks delicious’ Us too – is it lunch time yet?!

It’s not the only way the Beckhams have been getting set for Halloween. As well as having yummy cakes to get into the spooky spirit, it looks like the family’s house will be decked out in a pretty spectacular way too.

Victoria and David’s eldest son Brooklyn has been sharing photos of some slightly terrifying decorations, including a pretend ghost hung from a tree and a seriously creepy doll sitting beside a chain.

The 16-year-old didn’t give anything away though and simply captioned the photos with emojis. Ooh, mysterious…

Here’s hoping David gets involved in the scary shenanigans too – by the looks of it the Beckhams are in for a Halloween to remember! Cue spooky laugh *mwah ha ha*…

Watch the changing face of Brooklyn, eldest son of Victoria Beckham…

Anna Francis