Brooklyn Beckham shared a picture on Instagram of him hiking with little sister Harper and it's SO cute it made us melt!

The Beckham family may just be the coolest, most fashionable, good-looking and cutest family on this planet (seriously, can you adopt us please?)

And with internationally renowned fashion designer Victoria and legendary footballer David Beckham as parents, it’s not surprisingly that 16-year-old Brooklyn Beckham is not only growing up into being the cool dude and dashing young man that he is, but also amazing brother to his three siblings.

With 12-year-old Romeo, ten-year-old Cruz, four-year-old Harper under his wings, here’s all the times that Brooklyn made us ‘aww!’ while being the best big brother ever:

1.) Hiking with Harper
Posting an adorable pic with is sister, with both of them looking over the L.A landscape, Brooklyn had been on a hilly hike with Harper and if you think the photo’s cute, wait until you read the caption: ‘fun hiking with my baby sis’. Even though Harper’s growing up to be quite the young lady (or pretty lady as dad David refers to her as), we love the fact that Brooklyn still thinks of her as his baby sis!

2.) The boys are back in town
While most brothers can get quite competitive with one another, get on each other’s nerves, and try to get away from one another as much as they can, Brooklyn wants to hang out with his bros at every given possibility, and that includes red-carpets at awards. When the teenager got invited to the Kid’s Choice Sport Awards in LA, he took younger brothers Romeo and Cruz along with him, and the three of them looked as dapper as their dear dad as Brooklyn has his arms his baby bros. Three Beckhams in one outing – you’re spoiling us!

3.) Caring cradle
As if youngest and only girl of the Beckham bunch, Harper, wasn’t precious enough, our hearts nearly burst when she’s getting cuddled and carried by doting big bro Brooklyn. Whether it’s leaving their mum Victoria’s fashion show, or just on a casual weekend, Brooklyn’s often seen when his arms around Harper and it’s possibly the cutest image you could ever see.

4.) Meet the Beckhams
Oh, and speaking of being a protective big brother, when it comes to the time that teenage Harper meets a possible special someone, it’s not her parents that she should be worried about bringing them home to meet, but her brothers! With not only Brooklyn, but also Romeo and Cruz, 40-year-old David said that they’re the one’s any potential suitor will have to tackle: ‘She’s got three brothers that will take her out, three brothers that will eat with her and three brothers that will bring her back home and a dad waiting for her.’ Yikes! Good luck future hand-holder of Harpers’!

5.) Surf’s up!
With footballing legend David as a dad, it’s not surprise that Brooklyn has a bit of a sporting streak. But as well as having a kick-about with Romeo, he’s also snapped himself hitting the waves with second youngest Cruz. Wonder if he’ll join in with Harper if she gets into ballet…

6.) Rooting for Romeo
And when he’s not playing sports with his siblings, he’s supporting them! When younger brother Romeo ran the London mini Marathon (yes, really – a 12-year-old ran a 3 mile course and we can’t even run for the bus…), Brooklyn was quick to share what a proud big brother he was that Romeo has raised £8,000 for charity UNAIDS and 7 Fund, and even was sporting a Team Romeo t-shirt. Aww, you guys!

7.) Shop till you drop
With fashion designer VB as his mum, style runs through his veins and with fashion mags already shooting the teen and putting him on glossy pages, it’s not surprise that the stylish young whippersnapper likes shopping. But it’s not for baseball caps and the freshest new kicks as you may think, as he posted a pic of  taking lil’ sister shopping and treating her to some new toys. Unfortunately, we don’t know if Harper got a new Barbie or set of Lego that day as Brooklyn’s posted photo was of him looking his usual suave self in the middle of an aisle in the toy shop… Hey, teens will be teens!

While our older siblings tease us, give us wet willies and change our FB statuses when we’re not looking, Brooklyn is stylish, sporty and supportive as a big bro….Can we swap please?

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Amy Lo