Victoria and David Beckham's son Brooklyn talks about style icons and uni plans in his Miss Vogue interview

Walk, walk fashion baby, as the wise and witty Lady Gaga once said, and we can’t think of a more fashionable family in the world than the Beckhams.

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Not only are both David and Victoria Beckham style icons through the ages (remember Becks’ cornrows and Viccy B’s corset-wearing-WAG-era?) and you know, Victoria is a only just a world famous and renowned fashion designer. But now their 16-year-old son Brookyln Beckham is following in their fashionable footsteps by having his first Vogue cover.

Gracing the front of the October issue of Miss Vogue, the teen looked just as comfortable and chic on the cover as his Spice Girl mum and former England footballer dad did.

Brooklyn, like many other teens in across the country, just received his GCSE results, and huzzah! He passed them all! All the party popper emojis for you lil’ Brooklyn Beckham

After some well deserved celebrating – we’re sure a game of Monopoly was had – the oldest child of the Beckham bunch told Miss Vogue magazine that he wants to go on to study art and photography in America after he’s done his A Levels.
Our mums were devastated when we moved 2 hours away from home for uni – how most Vic feel about you jetting of to the U S of A!

‘I love football, but i’m also very passionate about photography and film. I’m keeping my options open right now.’

Smart move kid.

As for his oh-so-chic style, it seems like he takes tips from both his mum and dad: ‘My mum knows a lot about fashion, but obviously I listen to my dad as he has great style and we share clothes.’ Cute!

Oh, and style icons? Brooklyn lists Steve McQueen and James Dean – Brooklyn knows his stuff.

Although the teen has been romantically linked to Chloe Moritz and has more showbiz mates than you could shake a stick at, Brooklyn B is still very down to earth about the people he meets in his life: ‘I felt very humble when my parents took me to meet Stephen Hawking.’

Looking good mini Beckham!

Miss Vogue accompanies the forthcoming October issue of Vogue, on sale from next Thursday 10th October. 

See how much Brooklyn’s changed over the years…

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