Former athlete Caitlyn Jenner with another famous althete, oooo!

Caitlyn Jenner was spotted cuddling up with a certain world-renowned muscle hunk yesterday, after he posted a video of the two on Snapchat.

So what was Caitlyn doing with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well it turns out the pair have been friends for 40 years – way back when both of them were some of the best athletes in the world.

Caitlyn Jenner and Arnold Schwarzenegger

The couple were having a great time in Australia as they held the camera too close to their face like your nan taking a selfie for the first time.

68-year-old Arnie started with: ‘I’m here with my old friend Caitlyn here.’

While the 66-year-old athelete-turned-reality-star added: ‘We go way back, 40 years!’

The Terminator took over by saying: ‘She’s a very good friend, wonderful person. We’re having a great time schmoozing.’


Forty years ago the pair were athletic power-houses: Caitlyn won the gold at the 1976 Montreal Olympics and Arnie won the most prestigious bodybuilding title, Mr Olympia, for a then-record seven times!

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding gif

But don’t get any ideas of them forming some sort of athlete super-couple as Arnie has been dating 40-year-old Heather Milligan for three years. It also looks like, despite reports that Caitlyn wants a relationship with a man, she’s hooking up with actress Candis Cayne.

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Also, schmoozing only means talking intimately, or gossiping. Not, like, kissing or anything.

Besides, that night it looked like Arnie had eyes for one thing only: a baby kangaroo.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and a kangaroo

Now that is too cute.

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