The model opens up about her heartbreaking fears for her sons

Her exit from The Jump in March was shrouded in mystery but now Caprice has shockingly revealed that she pulled out after learning she had a brain tumour.

The 45-year-old model received the diagnosis whilst competing on the programme after seeking medical help about some unpleasant health symptoms.


The Jump’s Caprice reveals how she feels about the reality show

‘I had headaches that were not going away and my vision was beginning to act up, so production insisted I see their doctor as they were very strict with health and safety procedures,’ says Caprice.

She then underwent X-rays and scans which revealed the cause of her illness.

‘I was diagnosed with a brain tumour,’ the TV star tells Hello! magazine. ‘I found out while I was competing in the show and boy, was it more horrific than any of the challenges I’d faced in the snow.

‘I was totally stunned. “I don’t understand,” I said. “Am I going to die?” All the doctor could tell me was that I needed further tests.’

The mum-of-two was quickly put on the first flight home by Channel 4 so that she could be reunited with partner Ty Comfort and their three-year-old sons Jett and Jax, who she admits she felt fearful for after hearing the news.

‘My first thought was for my two little boys,’ Caprice explains. ‘I thought, “Am I gong to die? What am I going to do?”

‘I’m their rock and keep my family together. This diagnosis with the scariest moment I’d ever experienced.’

Carpice then faced an agonising wait for surgery as a neurosurgeon explained that her body first had to recover from the aggressive exercise she’d put it though on The Jump.

Eventually she underwent a seven-hour procedure to remove the tumour at private hospital The London Clinic and also had reconstructive cranial plastic surgery to rebuild her skull above her forehead.

Before the op Caprice admits she ‘broke down’ as ‘the most vulnerable operation you can possibly experience is brain surgery’.

Thankfully all went well and the whole tumour was taken out, leaving the blonde star feeling ‘overjoyed to be alive’.

She continues to face precautionary MRI scans for the next five years but the experience has left Caprice looking at things from a different perspective.

‘I’ve always been a grafter, but lying in my hospital bed, I realised I want to minimise stress in my life,’ the businesswoman says.

‘I want to work less and spend more time with family. This summer, I’m taking off two whole months without feeling guilty.

‘I’m incredibly thankful to get through this. I’m the lucky one; I’ve been given a second chance.’