Hands up if you're also a bit jealous of Caroline Flack right now...

The X Factor’s Caroline Flack has defended her on-screen snog with Danny Dyer.

Don’t worry though, 37-year-old Danny hasn’t been playing away from fiancée Joanne Mass.

Bringing them #ThrowbackThursday vibes to the start of the week, 35-year-old Cazza posted a saucy 10 second clip getting intimate with the EastEnders star from her first ever film role many moons ago.

Alongside the clip, Caroline wrote: ‘WORLD STOP! I’ve just found my first ever telly job online… And NO it’s not porn …it was a love scene with Danny Dyer. I was youngggg.’

The video is thought to be from movie Harry on the Boat, which aired on Sky in 2001 when Caroline would have been around 21, and featured a group of holiday reps livin’ it up in Ibiza.

Which explains the nakedness.

This isn’t the first time Danny’s locking of lips with someone has hit the headlines either.

In June, a picture of the actor kissing an ‘eager’ fan while filming in Kent caused controversy for the star.

The fan, Michelle McLardie, then commenting on the snap after uploading it to her personal Facebook page didn’t help the matter.

‘Don’t remember that one lol!!! Omg!!! I look awful! Xxx,’ she wrote, to which her pal who was also present when they met then replied: ‘You didn’t care at that point Mich, your aim was Danny Danny Danny you were comical had a blast with you chic xxx’

After claiming the whole thing was ‘innocent,’ the star then went all soppy and gushed about his excitement at marrying ‘the woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life’ which was all far too adorable.

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