The Love Island host talks to Now about all things dating – after all, she is hosting the raunchiest show on TV…

Hi Caroline! Love Island is back. Are you excited?
There’s a lot of buzz about the show this year compared to last year. None of us wanted it to finish last time. It seemed like it was a few weeks too short last year. If I wasn’t a host, I’d be addicted to watching it.

Do you ever fancy any of 
the guys on the show?
No! This is my job.

But can you acknowledge
their attractiveness?
I can acknowledge their physiques and I think aesthetically all the contestants are very 
good-looking. But it’s not 
a fancying thing – it’s more about them and who’s going to get with who.

Is it tempting to flirt 
with the guys?
No! [Laughs] You don’t flirt with everyone. It’s my job and 
I like to do 
it right.

Have you been invited to Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland’s wedding? 
I saw in the papers that I’m invited, so yeah, I’ll go. I feel like I’m involved!

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You said if you were younger you’d go on Love Island to find your match…
I can just imagine an 18-year-old me looking at the show and thinking I would have done that.

But would you have had have 
sex on telly?
No! Not on TV. 
I get nervous enough – it’s 
a nerve-wracking moment anyway when you’re with someone for the first time, isn’t it? For me, those moments are best off behind 
closed doors.


All the contestants last year said they wouldn’t have sex on TV…
Their hormones get carried away. They all start liking each other.

Camilla Thurlow has said she hopes it’s not weird between you two as you’ve both been linked to Prince Harry…
[Gives us a firm look] 
I’m not talking about Prince Harry.

Are you worried 
about sharing an ex with someone?
I’m not talking about 
Prince Harry.

OK… You’ve recently spoken about having been on a relationship detox. How do you think that’s helped you?
I needed to do it. It was really healthy 
to a take a break. 
I’ve jumped from relationship to relationship since my twenties and I was like, right, I just needed to reset my brain really. I touched on other things and 
reconnected with girlfriends 
I haven’t seen for ages. It sounds really cheesy, but it definitely worked.

Did you reconnect with yourself a bit more?

Did it help you work out what you want in a person?
Yes, that’s exactly what it did.

Do you feel more confident 
on the dating scene after taking a break?
I kind of know what I want more. Maybe it’s confidence 
in knowing what I want rather than confidence 
in myself, but 
yeah, definitely.

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Do you think you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you 
find your prince?
I’m trying to tread with this in the
right way, because of that word – I don’t want that word in there!

How do you think is the best way to meet people nowadays?
Online, it seems. All my friends are on everything – Bumble, Tinder, Raya, Happn. I can’t keep up!

Are you on any of them?

Would you ever try online dating?
I’m not against it, but I’m much more of a chemistry person. You feel it, don’t you? I don’t think you can feel a chemistry online, personally. Millions of people do meet that way, but I’m definitely more about meeting in person. When it’s there, you can kind of feel it.

Aren’t you curious to have 
a swipe on Tinder?
No! [Laughs]

Are you dating at the moment?
I’m dating, but not dating a particular person.

How’s it going?
It’s fun. There is old-fashioned dating still out there, guys! It still happens.

What kind of guys do you like?
They have to be fun. I don’t really go out with boring people! [Laughs]


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Do you keep up with your health and fitness while 
you’re filming Love Island?
My friend and stylist Fiona 
has been trying to do a Barry’s Bootcamp-style regime for me. We do running and planks 
for five minutes, but then we see the sun’s out and we go sit by the pool!

Last year you did a sugar detox. Have you done anything like that this year?
No, I’ve just found a healthy balance. I exercise, but I also 
go out and have fun.

You’ve sadly been the victim 
of body trolling in the past. Does that worry you?
Everyone is always going to have their opinions and they’re allowed to have them. People just go on there [social media] to get angry, don’t they?

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Are you feeling body
confident now? 
Yeah, I feel good.

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, last year’s Love Island winners, split up but they’re expecting a baby together. What do you think about that, knowing them personally?
I only read what you guys read. I want them to get back together, though. But you don’t know 
what’s going 
on in someone’s relationship unless you’re in it.

Are you still in touch with any of last year’s cast?
I spoke to Olivia last night. She was asking how 
it’s going. They can all
 see we’re out here and their memories are coming back because the show changed their lives. Olivia met her future husband on Love Island. They all 
still want to be involved and you can 
see why.

When couples break up, does it upset you because they got together on the show?
Yeah, they’re part of the creation. It’s like seeing your friends break up.

Tell us a secret about the villa that viewers may not know…
[Laughing] The condoms! There are special Love Island condoms in the villa with the show logo on them.

People would buy those!
I should have a little side business! [Laughs]

Love Island is on ITV2 at 9pm 
on weeknights. Love Island: Aftersun is at 10pm on Sundays