Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones don't plan to have another baby

Michael Douglas says he adores his six-year-old son Dylan and daughter Carys, three, but he and wife Catherine aren’t intending to have a third child.

‘She’s gone back and forth on the subject, but when she gets back into work, I think she realises two’s enough,’ the 61-year-old actor and producer tells Night & Day Live magazine.

These days Michael, who underwent treatment for alcohol abuse at Sierra Tucson Center in 1992 and admits he ‘struggled’ in his first marriage, says his greatest pleasure is flying a kite with his kids or reading them bedtime stories.

He and Catherine Zeta Jones, 36, celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary in November and he recalls, ‘As soon as we met, I told her I wanted to have babies with her. Then I discovered she loved golf and realised all my fantasies had come true.’