Coronation Street star Catherine is preparing for the birth of her first child

Her role as feisty, spoilt Eva Price in Coronation Street has made Catherine Tyldesley one of the best known faces on British TV. Thankfully, in real life the actress isn’t such a diva and spends much of our shoot happily chatting about everything from Christmas party clothes to being on the wagon.

The 31-year-old is expecting her first baby with fitness instructor fiancé Tom Pitfield in March and says she can’t wait to be a mum. ‘We’re so excited,’ she smiles. ‘It’s just the best feeling.’ We caught up with the Manchester native to find out her plans for New Year’s Eve, how she’s staying in shape during her pregnancy and why she wishes she’d discovered maternity jeans years ago!

How will you be spending Christmas this year?
We’ve got family coming over. Tom’s cooking all day which is fab because he’s an amazing cook. I’ll supervise! We’ve also got the Corrie Christmas party, which is always a good laugh. It’s one of the only chances we all get to be together and really let our hair down.

What are your NYE plans?
Antony Cotton [who plays Sean Tully] always does a good New Year’s Eve bash so we may go to his place. It’s very chilled and he makes a big meat and potato pie. Everyone else will be on the mulled wine but I’ll be on the hot milk!

What will you be filling your plate with on the 25th?
Everything. There isn’t one part of a turkey dinner I don’t like. I’m also a big fan of Christmas pudding so that’s my little treat. I have to have it with custard. I’m obsessed with custard! I’m still eating really healthily – I think it’s more important than ever to eat well when you’re pregnant. The beauty of Christmas is that you get to relax your eating so I’ll be indulging.

What’s your diet like right now?
It hasn’t really changed. I’m still very much paleo, which means I eat a very natural diet. My philosophy is if it ran, swam or grew from the earth, eat it – but if it’s processed, avoid it. I still have one cheat meal a week but obviously your body has different needs while you’re pregnant. It’s very good at telling you what it wants, so it’s about learning to read those signs.

Are you working out much at the moment or are you having a pregnancy break?
I haven’t been able to do much for the past month apart from swimming at weekends because my schedule at Corrie has been so busy. I’ve been weight training throughout my pregnancy, though. Obviously things differ a hell of a lot and I’m very lucky that my trainer specialises in pre- and postnatal fitness, so he knows my limits. I think if I was training on my own, I’d be a bit scared because there’s so much you can’t do!

What does your trainer think about people who say it’s dangerous to work out when you’re pregnant?
I think that’s completely wrong. What I would say is that if you haven’t exercised before your pregnancy, you certainly shouldn’t start while you’re pregnant because your body just isn’t used to it. Activities like swimming are amazing, especially in your final trimester. It really helps to get your baby into the optimal position. In terms of training, I’ve reduced the weights as I’ve gone along. The fitter you are, the easier the birth is supposed to be, ideally.

Read the full interview with Catherine Tyldesley and all her pregnancy details, in this week’s Now magazine dated 29 December 2014 – download the digital edition now!

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