The reports of a secret husband aren't strictly true...

Chloe Khan may be getting close and personal with Stephen Bear in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but there’s also been reports that she has a secret husband on the outside.

But now the suspected husband-of-six-years, Mohammad Imran Khan, revealed that they WERE married… but the relationship ended, so they are friends now.

Taking to the CBB star’s official Instagram account, he wrote: ‘There is a lot of speculation and bad press about Chloe’s private and family life.

‘It’s very sad for me to see that yet again supposed friends of Chloe’s are selling stories on her to make a bit of money at her expense. Myself and Chloe were married years ago, it ended every amicably and we remain the best of friends.


‘I am running her social media accounts for her whilst she is in the house, and she always has my full support.’

Earlier reports stated that the former X Factor star married the Mohammad, from Bradford, in 2011 and they still live together.

A source told the Daily Star: ‘Chloe’s biggest secret is that she is married, which is why she changed her surname from Heald to Khan.

‘They are still 100% together, they went for dinner just before she went into CBB. They’ve known each other since they were kids.’

Chloe Khan and Stephen BEar

Chloe getting her snog on [Channel 5]

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Chloe allegedly has her husbands initials ‘MIK’ tattooed on her wedding finger, and the URL to her Facebook page is ‘’.

But it appears she’s got the all-clear by Mo to continue her thing with Stephen. Not sure why she would want to, but she’s definitely NOT cheating on anyone.