After reports of her cancer scare, Dani puts the record straight

On Sunday, a tabloid newspaper reported that Danielle Lloyd had had a third boob job and that surgeons had discovered a suspicious lump.

The 23-year-old glamour model says that this is not true and has put a message on her MySpace page to explain what’s really going on.


Hi, Everyone

Well, you may have read in the papers today that I am having a 3rd boob job!

This is incorrect I am having a lump removed from my breast and they will have to replace my implants from my 1st boob job to remove the lump!

So please send me your support. I won’t be online for a while as I have to rest for two weeks, but I may get my mum to come on for me and let you know how I am.

She is staying with me for a while to make sure I do everything I should and make sure I don’t do anything I shouldn’t.

Danielle xx