Actress says her metabolism makes her naturally super slim

O.C. star Mischa Barton says she doesn’t like being compared to ultra-skinny celebs like Nicole Richie – and insists she has a healthy relationship with food.

‘I am a normal weight,’ she protests. ‘I understand the responsibility that comes with a role in a TV show that is watched by millions of teenagers, but the thing is that I am naturally this shape.’

The actress says it’s her very fast metabolism that makes her so slender.

‘It is sometimes annoying when you are compared to people who are clearly not naturally that way,’ she tells You magazine.

‘I am sensitive to people like Nicole who have body issues but I am always pretty much the same weight.

‘I am active but I don’t exercise, apart from walking the dogs and I eat quite healthily and pretty much what I want.’

Right, well that put us straight then, didn’t it?