Supermodel puts on glad rags for cleaning duty

She may have been heading off to clean a garage but there was no way Naomi Campbell was going to sacrifice her sense of style.

The 36-year-old supermodel from Streatham started her five day community service stint yesterday working for New York’s Sanitation Department.

But instead of turning up in practical work attire, Naomi made sure she was dressed to impress.

Carrying her heavy-duty workman boots under her arm, the supermodel arrived in a chauffeur driven black Cadillac wearing Christian Louboutin stiletto boots worth £600.

Naomi, who will do five days community service as part of her punishment for throwing a mobile phone at her maid, was not afraid to get stuck into her duties.

‘She changed out of the stilettos she arrived in and wore combat boots and an orange vest,’ Sanitation department chief Al Durrell said. ‘She was dressed appropriately.

‘She did not complain and carried out the tasks. She did a fine job.’