Transport café given royal seal of approval

If we were born with blue blood, there’s no way we’d eat our dinner anywhere more low-key than The Ivy.

But it seems that Prince Harry, 22, is prepared to rough it – all in the name of a good fry-up.

The Prince made a special visit to Little Chef in Barton Mills in Suffolk accompanied by fellow Blues and Royals officers and guards. The group, who had been training nearby, were still wearing their combats.

And Harry had clearly been working hard because he ordered the biggest breakfast on the menu.

‘I decided to treat him just like a normal customer,’ waitress Jean Flack told the Daily Mirror. ‘He and his mates said they were delighted with the food.

‘A couple of other customers had the shock of their lives.’

We bet they did. It’s not everyday you see a Prince in a roadside café.