Croc Hunter's widow says they were a symbol of safety

Eight months after the tragic death of Steve Irwin, his wife Terri says she’s trying her best to stay strong.

She uses imprints of the Crocodile Hunter’s hands to feel close to him again.

‘It sounds bizarre, but his hands are probably the thing I liked most about him,’ she tells You magazine. ‘They were huge.

‘Outside our house there is a little concrete patch that Steve put there when Bindi was eight months old.

‘He pressed her handprints and footprints into the concrete, then his dog Sui’s pawprints, and then my hands and his.

‘Now, when I come home, I often put my hands in his, which helps me feel close to him. He left is hands here for me.’

But Terri, 42, admits living without her world-famous husband is still extremely tough.

‘I cry all the time,’ she admits. ‘I just have to work through it…I’ll just do my best to get stronger every day. I need to for my kids, for the wonderful people at this zoo, for Steve’s dream and for the wildlife he wanted to save.’