Spiderman actor can't understand obsession with celebrity

Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire can’t get his head around the world’s obsession with celebrity. But he admits he knows pretty much what everyone’s up to in showbiz.

‘I’m not interested in gossip,’ he protests. ‘Well, I say that, yet I’m up on most of the stuff because people talk about it all the time.

‘It’s like, “Did you see what Britney Spears did? She shaved her head!” How do I know that? Why should I know that? I can’t believe that this stuff makes the news!’

Toby, 31 – who has a five-month-old baby daughter Ruby Sweetheart with jewellery designer fiancée Jennifer Meyer – has been uncomfortable with fame since he burst on to the big screen as secret superhero Peter Parker.

‘The attention made me feel somewhat uncomfortable,’ he tells Arena. ‘I used to get almost antagonistic. I wanted to tell people off, and say, “What are you doing?”. But now I’ve learned how to handle that situation somewhat better.

‘That side of me only comes out when someone just keeps on at me and keeps prying.’