Watch how star Chanelle Hayes shed 4 stone in 10 months - with these simple exercises you can do in your living room

Wow! Chanelle Hayes looks like a totally different woman. At our photo shoot almost a year ago, the star was 4st heavier and a size 14-16.

Despite saying she was happy with her weight, she was actually medically obese. After discovering her BMI of 30.6 meant she was at risk of diabetes, Chanelle, who’s a single mum to son Blakely, four, decided to give up her daily pizza takeaways and hit the gym earlier this year.

WATCH! Chanelle reveals her top 3 exercise secrets – and shows you how to do them

In our exclusive shoot, 26-year-old Chanelle shows off her size 8 figure, her incredible bum and tells us all her weight-loss secrets. And guess what? She didn’t starve herself – in fact, she’s been eating more than ever!

Chanelle, you look stunning. How have you achieved your amazing body?

Thank you! In the past I’d done so many stupid diets – counting points and calories and cutting out fat – but you need to eat fat to lose fat and keep muscle. I’ve educated myself in nutrition, so now I know exactly what to eat and I’ll never go on a diet again.

You haven’t been starving yourself, then?!

No! I can’t restrict myself – I enjoy eating too much and I’m a nightmare when I’m hungry. I just eat what’s right for me. The way I see it is, you wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol car but you’d still fill it up completely to make it run. If you do a fad diet – like a liquid one, for instance – you may lose weight while you’re on it. But you’ll feel sluggish and put it all back on afterwards.

Do you ever have a cheat day?

I allow myself a cheat day each week, where I’ll eat pizza, crisps, bread… whatever I want. That way, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the food I love because it’s stupid to miss something for just six days.

And what exercises have you been doing?

Just lifting really heavy weights. I only do cardio three times a week and I lift weights six times
a week. I do a day of legs, a day of arms, a chest and back day, a second day of legs and I focus on my shoulders on Friday. Then on Saturday I have a rest and on Sunday I’ll usually do a light full-body workout.

Read the full interview with Chanelle Hayes in this week’s Now magazine dated 27 October 2014 – download the digital edition now!


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