This Morning viewers were pretty shocked by this intense interview

Chanelle Hayes faced some pretty tough questions when she spoke about her recent weight gain on This Morning today.

The reality star has gone from a size 8 to a size 16 and insists she’s happy with her new shape after being snapped in a tiny bikini on the beach earlier this month.


Chanelle Hayes weight battle: ‘I’m annoyed at myself’

Presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield seemed sceptical of Chanelle’s claims though and asked if she’d filled out just so that she could lose it again to get a fitness DVD deal.

‘I suppose it doesn’t help matters when you tweet saying “If someone offered me a DVD deal I would jump at the chance”,’ Phillip told 28-year-old Chanelle.

‘Can you promise you didn’t put on the weight just to get a DVD deal?’

Chanelle defended herself against the accusations and said she didn’t think she’d make any money from releasing a workout tape.

‘With the amount of money I’ve spent on pizzas and doughnuts, even if I did make a DVD I don’t think I could break even,’ she responded, though confused viewers by admitting that she WOULD consider it if the chance came up.

‘To be fair, if at any point in the future I did decide that I wanted to lose weight, if someone said “are you interested in doing a DVD alongside that?”, then I would never turn it down.

‘I’m a single parent, I need to pay the bills like everybody else, so I would never turn down money. I’m not silly like that.’

'I don't think I look hideous, I think I look nice' #chanellehayes #happy #mua #thismorning

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Phillip then asked if Chanelle – who has 5-year-old son Blakely from her relationship with footballer Matthew Bates – was simply looking for where the most pounds were. Ouch.

Holly also grilled the former Big Brother star by asking if the pictures of her showing her curves on the beach were staged.

‘I have no idea who took those pictures,’ she said. ‘I didn’t see the photographer. I have done set-up shots before when I was super slim.

‘I just think maybe lime green isn’t my colour but I thought I looked OK to be honest.’

The interview certainly got those watching the show talking on social media.

‘Wow that was a tough interview but I think you smashed it well done! #inspiration,’ a Chanelle fan Tweeted.

Another watcher with the opposite view posted: ‘@Schofe and @hollywills have smashed this interview. #ChanelleHayes is massively contradicting herself with every other sentence’

Chanelle didn’t seem too offended by the chat and happily thanked Holly and Phil afterwards – though admitted the questions were quite tough.

‘Lovely morning at @itvthismorning with @Schofe and @hollywills and their fab team. The only 2 ppl who can serve out a friendly grilling,’ she quipped on Twitter.


Anna Francis